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What do we believe @ Mosaic?

Mosaic Community Church is a Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Below are summarise our key beliefs.


The Bible is the only authority. It reveals who God is, the reality we live in, God’s salvation, and his plan for us. It is the sole source of guidance and the inspiration for all beliefs. Through the guidance of the Spirit as we study Scripture we can know Jesus, build a relationship with Him, and find life in Christ.


Salvation – is by grace alone, through faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ. This is a gift of God which is freely given and can never be earned. Because of his great love and mercy, Christ’s salvation is available to all who would accept. This is the foundation of Christianity, the basis for our hope, and the way by which we can live in the presence of God. Living in the presence of God is life, and the purpose of all humanity.

Seventh-Day Sabbath

Seventh-Day Sabbath – The first part of the name Seventh-Day Adventist refers to the seventh day Sabbath. Adventists worship on Saturday as instigated in the Garden of Eden by God Himself, when God stopped his work and spent the day with Adam and Eve. While every moment is lived in the presence of God, Scripture emphasises the importance of continuing to give God a day a week to build this relationship with Him; it’s all about being with God. The Ten Commandments appear twice in scripture, the first time linking the seventh day Sabbath to creation, a celebration that we are God’s creation and family. The second links Sabbath to God rescuing Israel out of slavery, and by inference, rescuing us out of slavery to sin. Sabbath is a time to be drawn closer to God because God has created and saved us, and to strengthen and encourage each other in the faith.

Second Coming

Second Coming – The second part of the name Seventh-Day Adventist refers to the Advent, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. While we delight in being with God now, we can’t wait to see Him face to face and live with Him for eternity. Scripture emphasises the importance of being ready to see Jesus when He comes again, and our role in sharing the good news of Jesus so others can have life with Jesus too. To be ready is to be connected with Jesus now by knowing Him. The children learn to know Him through the Bible, prayer, and most importantly, personal experience.

Sustained by God

Sustained by God – Scripture teaches that we are sustained by God. Every moment and breath is a gift from God and comes from Him, not from ourselves. When Jesus comes again, those who delight in God will live with Him for eternity, but those who do not want to be with God will have their choice honoured by God. Because we believe God is sustaining us, those who choose not to accept the gift of life will cease to exist. Seventh-Day Adventist’s understand Scripture to teach eternal non-existence for those outside of God rather than an eternal hell. We believe Jesus’ work on the cross was enough to completely resolve sin and purify the universe of it, as taught in scripture. There will be no trace of sin, suffering or pain once everything is made new. When everything is made new, evil, the devil and his angels, those who do not seek God, death and hades (hell) will all be destroyed never to corrupt the world again. All things will be restored to the perfection God intended and God will dwell with humanity for eternity. Through Jesus’ death we can be a part of that perfect world and live with Him for eternity, but we have the choice to live with Him, or cease to exist without Him.


God – We believe God is One yet three; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All are One is substance and nature and substance, all are God. God has given us three different ways of knowing and relating to us in the language of our world so we can understand and relate to Him. The Father reminds us that God take responsibility for us as his children. We are created by, loved, taught and raised, disciplined and cared for like a Father by God. Jesus shows us the incredible love God has for us. He shows us to related to God, how to live a Godly life in a sinful world, and reminds us that God does understand us and our situation. The Spirit gives us comfort, guidance, teaches and advices, convicts us of our standing in Christ and our need of God, empowers and gifts us live as Christ and build his church. All three are equally God while performing very different tasks that to a human mind could seem incompatible. Our God is three, but our God is One.

Saturday Meetings

Mosaic Community Church Meets on Saturday Mornings at:

Queen Elizabeth College Rangitikei Street Palmerston North

(Opposite the BP Petrol Station)

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