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Are you exploring Christianity?

The Bible teaches that God created us to be people who could relate to and understand Him, that we would be family. God created us perfect and our world was perfect. We were like God and enjoyed living in God’s presence.

But out of jealously and greed one of God’s angels turned against Him and corrupted humanity. Humans chose not to believe their creator, instead betraying Him to try and gain the place of God. Our attention turned to ourselves and we became selfish, to the destruction of anything that stood in the way of our ambition. We rejected God, even though God created us and God sustains us with the gift of life each and every moment.

The life we chose has resulted in suffering and pain for all. Worse, outside of the life of God we cannot exist. God has promised to make all things right, but when He does we will not longer be sustained by God. Not wanting anyone to be lost, Jesus came to restore humanity to Himself. He gave his life so we could be forgiven and have life with Him for eternity. But God has allowed us the choice.

Now, through Jesus, we have a choice again. If we want to know and be with God we can. God is all about revealing Himself and drawing us back to Him. If we seek Him God has promised we will find Him. However, if we do not want to be with God, God will allow us to make that choice.

Jesus is coming again soon to restore the world to its original perfection. Evil will be destroyed and so will sin and death. Best of all, we will live in the presence of God for eternity. This is the desire of all Christians. This is the life you are called to enjoy too.

Saturday Meetings

Mosaic Community Church Meets on Saturday Mornings at:

Queen Elizabeth College Rangitikei Street Palmerston North

(Opposite the BP Petrol Station)

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