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Get involved

At Mosaic we know everyone is different, and provide various opportunities for people to find a place where they can encounter God in a meaningful way. Some of these ways are:


At Mosaic we enjoy each other's company. We enjoy regular meals together, games nights, mingling over a cuppa at church or learning together in small groups. Our community has a range of ages and cultures and provides a place where everyone is welcome, from our young children to those with more experience. Small groups are also offer amazing community and are a great way to learn and grow in Christ. We have a range of small groups which appeal to the various members of our community.


Our children are our most important gift from God, and we make sure they are cared for. We have different groups with age appropriate learning and socials all geared at ensuring our kids will have a future with Jesus.

Youth – Nightlife

Nightlife is our primary youth event outside of our regular Sabbath services. Nightlife is on a Friday night every second month. It is an open discussion about the major issues young people face run by youth for youth. www.facebook.com/NightLifeYouth


At Mosaic we care for others and believe in serving with no strings attached. We don't help people so they will join our church, we serve people because that's the life Jesus asked us to live. We believe caring for others means action motivated out of love for them and for Jesus.


At Mosaic we weekly come together to celebrate who God is and what He has, is and will do. We desire to live in His presence every moment and have seen the impact of His presence on our lives and community. Every Saturday morning we gather in a relaxed environment as a community to thank and praise Him through music, prayer, giving and learning more about Him. Our focus is Jesus, our passion is Jesus, our motivation is Jesus.

We welcome you to join with us at any of these or other events on our calendar. We meet together every Saturday morning at 10am - 12am at Queen Elizabeth College. For more information please contact us.

Saturday Meetings

Mosaic Community Church Meets on Saturday Mornings at:

Queen Elizabeth College Rangitikei Street Palmerston North

(Opposite the BP Petrol Station)

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